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Fulom Hydrating Lotion is formulated to provide relief, nourishment and daily maintenance of skin, maintaining the health and vitality of the body's largest organ. Fulom Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream is a concentrated formula that "fertilizes" the skin, replenishing vital nutrients and permeating cell walls to vitalize even the most damaged skin. Fulom Dry Skin Face and Body Cleanser cleanses and rejuvenates the skin through a gentle process that preserves the skin's natural oils while removing the harmful substances that build up and prevent our skin from functioning optimally. Fulom was created to provide relief to the many people who suffer from sensitive, dry and damaged skin utilizing the natural healing properties of organic Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acid was introduced to John Doyle DVM, PhD by a colleague Norbert Chirase PhD. The fulvic acid was found to be highly beneficial for John’s skin and led to the devolvement of Fulom skin care products. John works with individuals that spend a majority of their lives outdoors or in conditions predisposing pre-mature aging of skin. Over time products were share with friends and refined for a variety of skin types and skin problems. Fulom skin care products were made commercially available at the request of those who wish to share the Fulom experience with others. The name Fulom was derived from an abbreviation of ‘fulvic acid organic moisturizer.’  Fulom is a revolutionary new line of skin care products that utilize Fulvic Acid, "nature's fertilizer" to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. The development of Fulom products placed prominence on skin absorption, application sensation and skin rejuvenation. Fulom products incorporate Fulvic acid unique chemical characteristics to assist in diffusion with anti-oxidant properties into deeper skin layers.   Penetration into these layers makes the skin softer, increases elastic characteristics and lowers free radical damage.